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Yoga & Massage

Release. Relax. Reconnect.

Relaxation Massage

Surrender to the soothing rhythm of a massage that is both intuitive and personal. Allow your body and mind to relax and release.

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Deepen your breath and move yourself back into balance. A no-nonsense way to simply move and feel better.

Pregnancy Massage

Relax and relieve. Kick back, unwind, and treat yourself to some much-needed self care with this special pregnancy massage.

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Truly exceptional

is the woman who takes care of herself

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to put our own needs on the back burner while we focus on taking care of everyone else. But it’s important to remember that self-care is not selfish. It’s essential.

When we prioritize ourselves, we become stronger, more confident, and more radiant. We’re better able to handle the challenges that life throws our way, and we’re more likely to achieve our goals.

So, make yourself a priority today. Schedule some time for self-care, whether it’s a yoga class, a massage, or simply taking a few minutes for some quiet reflection. You deserve it!

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pamela yogarve hands massaging back

Release. Relax. Reconnect

create space to let your energy flow

Self-care can mean different things to different people. It could be taking a yoga class, getting a massage, or simply taking a few minutes for some quiet reflection. Whatever form it takes, self-care is essential for your physical and mental health.

When you take time for self-care, you’re not only taking care of your body, you’re also taking care of your mind. You’re giving yourself the opportunity to relax, de-stress, and focus on your own needs. This can help you to feel more grounded, confident, and capable.

Just that moment of relaxation helps you to stay sane without pushing, without self-guilt. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and you need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

That’s why I offer massage and yoga sessions specifically for women in midlife. I know what you’re going through, and I can help you to relax, de-stress, and feel your best.

Because you always feel better when you come off your mat. Or off my table. Pinky promise.

So what are you waiting for? Book your session today and feel like the amazing woman you are!

Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential
Yogamat with blocks on the grass
yogarve pamela massages leg

Yoga & Massage

a powerful combo

Have you ever considered the remarkable similarities between yoga and massage?

They are like two peas in a pod, working their magic to detoxify your body, boost flexibility, and whisk away stress.

Increase blood flow, flush out toxins, and fill your body with an invigorating energy. It’s like a refreshing surge that wakes up every single cell, restoring balancne and harmony throughout your entire being. Imagine feeling revitalized and ready to take on the world!

destress your body & mind

improve your range of movement

increase your energy

Pamela van Yogarve houdt haar gezicht wat scheef, handen in een opgeheven gebaar en knipoogt in de camera.

What moves me

about Pamela

Inhale. Exhale. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.
When I started doing yoga myself, I noticed how this helped me feel calmer. By being more aware of my breath, I felt more powerful but also more relaxed.
 Breathing, moving, being moved. Massage has the same power of simplicity. With full undivided attention, what is stuck gets set into motion, and what is cramped gets loose.
 Mindful movement, doing what feels good.

Will you move with me?



Your place, or mine?

Wherever you feel best

Where we meet is totally up to you. This will be your time, your ´me-time´.

Do you prefer to relax at home or do you want to take a break from your daily routine? It’s totally up to you! I’m happy to come to your home or meet you at a spa or other location. My goal is to help you relax, so just let me know where and when you’d like to meet.
We either meet up in downtown Aljezur, or I will come visit you in Carrapateira, Bordeira, Alfambras, Aljezur or Rogil. 

Book your session today and let me help you relax and rejuvenate!

Pamela from Yogarve waiting at the massage table for her next massage

Call now to set up our meeting

(+351) 910 653 219

Client Reviews

“That felt …simply great… I even feel taller now. So good how that you used the breath and let me get into this relaxing flow under your hands Thank you so much. I will recommend you to all my dearest friends!”
“Yoga without all the mumbo jumbo. I am a big fan of your down-to-earth and pragmatic way of teaching yoga. My head feels more clear and my body loves the stretches. See you next week!”
“I felt at home immediately. You were so comforting, with your hands and with your words. You know so much about pregnancy, but the best was how you listened to me. I really feel more space now, and my legs are so much better. My and my growing tummy will be back soon.”
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