Pregnancy Massage

Relaxing for the both of you!

Are you pregnant and feeling stressed, achy, and uncomfortable?

Or do you simply want to relax and de-stress?

If so, pregnancy massage is the perfect solution for you!

Pregnancy massage is a specialized type of massage that is designed to help pregnant women relax and de-stress. It is not a new-agey experience, and it does not involve any weird or woo-woo stuff.

Instead, pregnancy massage is a straightforward, no-nonsense way to relieve back pain, improve circulation, and increase flexibility.
And of course, it is also very suitable for pregnant women who do not have any complaints.

I’m Pamela, a qualified and experienced massage therapist who specializes in pregnancy massage. I know what it’s like to be pregnant, and I know how to help you feel your best.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage to help you unwind after a long day, to relieve back pain or to help you with those restless legs, I have the perfect massage for you.

I can come to you, or you can come to my studio in the center of town.

The service area for my massages is in between Carrapateira and Rogil.

Pregnancy massage Yogarve

Pregnancy Massage

Nothing makes a baby grow like a relaxed mother. This unique massage works as relief from ailments but is also a bliss for your relaxation.

A pregnancy massage increases your blood flow, (re)connects your mind with your body, and gives you more breath and space. A wonderful moment for yourself, while you enjoy it together.

Key benefits

Relieves back pain

Nothing as tiring as back pain. With a little TLC for this area, you feel relieved and more energised. 

Reduces stress

Massage can help to reduce stress by stimulating the release of endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects.

Improves circulation

This will help your blood flow which is good especially if you have swollen ankles, feet or hands or pain in your joints (signs of water retention).

Feel more flexible

Ah yes, because your muscles are being stretched not only will you feel a bit taller, it will feel like you have more air and improved range of motion. 

Sweet dreams

The soothing, relaxing pregnancy massage will help you sleep better by relaxing the body and mind, and reducing stress levels.

Final Result

Just being in the moment. If all feels right, so you can totally surrender.

Without much fuss…simply being there. Having your body moved without you doing anything. Feeling save enough to have your mind wander, while your body relaxes.

By just feeling what is happening, your head can take a break.

Yogarve massage hands

The Best Position

comfortable, safe, and effective

Longing to lay on your stomach? I´ve got you. If you feel like you can still lie down on your tummy, we have special cushion support to help achieve this. But, be aware that there will be some buildup of tension in your lower back if you stay in this position for a more extended period of time. 

That´s why I always recommend a side-lying position. Yes, also in the first trimester. Because laying on your side gives me great access to all the parts of your body that benefit from my touch. But also, because this will help you relax even more. The special massage cushions used for this will keep you in a comfortable position, letting your whole body relax. Furthermore, it has your hips levelled for which your pelvis and SI joint will be thankful. 

Your place, or mine?

Wherever you feel best

Where we meet is totally up to you. This will be your time, your ´me-time´.

Is it easier to relax at home, or do you want a break from your daily routine? For me, both works! My focus is to help you relax, just tell me the place and the time.

We either meet up in downtown Aljezur, or I will come visit you in Carrapateira, Bordeira, Alfambras, Aljezur or Rogil. 

Pamela from Yogarve waiting at the massage table for her next massage
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